Improved Public Safety

Jon implemented a reserve officer program to provide a higher level of law enforcement service that saves tax dollars.

Saving Your Tax Dollars

Jon reformed the overtime pay system resulting in a nearly 100% reduction in taxpayer funded overtime pay. As strong fiscal conservative, Jon is our taxpayer watchdog.

Implemented Accountability Measures

Jon instituted accountability reforms that resulted in enhanced performance, as well as increased productivity and accountability to taxpayers.

Improved Public Outreach & Transparency

Jon is committed to community outreach by attending homeowner association meetings and local public events such as the Senior Fair and Back to School program.

Improved Officer Training

As Constable, Jon increased and diversified annual training to better prepare officers in the field. This training allows officers to be familiar with responding to a variety of situations and results in safer neighborhoods for you and your family.

Utilizing Technology to Keep You Safe

The Precinct 6 Constable’s Office was the first in Tarrant County to utilize electronic control weapons at no cost to the taxpayers. ECWs offer additional ways to keep our communities safe and avoid potential deadly force situations.